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Andreas Zeller is faculty at the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security and professor for Software Engineering at Saarland University. His research on automated debugging, mining software archives, specification mining, and security testing has proven highly influential. Zeller is one of the few researchers to have received two ERC Advanced Grants, most recently for his S3 project. Zeller is an ACM Fellow and holds an ACM SIGSOFT Outstanding Research Award.

Phone:  +49 681 87083-1001
Twitter:  @AndreasZeller
GitHub:  andreas-zeller

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2 November 2017

The Rejection Song

by Andreas Zeller

To be performed by a scientific program committee (choir) and its chair (solo voice) to the tunes of the song "Go West" (Village People / Pet Shop Boys).  A program committee decides which scientific works get published.

(Together) We‘re the committee
(Together) We‘re the experts, see?
(Together) We will read your work
(Together) We will make us heard

Re-ject! This is our song
Re-ject! cos the data‘s wrong
Re-ject! it’s been done before
Re-ject! send it out the door

(Together) We select the best
(Together) We reject the rest
(Together) and the best is us
(Together) so why make a fuzz?

Re-ject! This is out of scope
Re-ject! it’s a slipp‘ry slope
Re-ject! It’s irrelevant
Re-ject! I don’t understand!

(Together) We define the field
(Together) We do form a shield
(Together) We are the elite
(Together) Life can be so sweet

Re-ject! no related work
Re-ject! you are such a dork
Re-ject! not my expertise
Re-ject! would you fix that, please

Re-ject! cos it’s really bad
Re-ject! cos I’m getting mad
Re-ject! there’s a missing bit
Re-ject! it‘s a piece of (fade out)

Music: Victor Willis, Henri Belolo and Jacques Morali
Above lyrics: Andreas Zeller